American Inventor – Season 2 Or Not Season 2

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As the first season of ABC’s American Inventor approaches it’s close many are wondering about its future.

Despite my initial disappointment after the premier I have to say it’s been enjoyable watching the inventors grow. That’s the bright side, but after suffering through the laborious and repetitive rehashing of some of the inventions that didn’t make it and back-story of the ones that did I still maintain they could do better.

A different format

Imagine this for a moment. Season 2 begins like season 1. The format for the search is the same and I’m sure more, better, and worse inventions will show up. Yes, the search should be a freak show that even your local RadioShack would be proud of. Riding the wave of the first season we should be able to get something on the order of a ham radio club to the power of a Star Trek convention on the sketch-o-meter.

Week 1: Those chosen in the initial search will refine their pitches and products within their own means and present again. Cut several.

Week 2: Continuing competitors will be given a modest sum and/or the availability of some professional help to improve their products or, in the case of more elaborate products show how the product could be improved and taken to market. Cut several more.

Week 3: A change of pace. Small teams are formed, given a modest budget, and each team must improve an existing product for, say, the kitchen. Cut the weakest team.

Week 4: Again, improve an existing invention. Now individuals compete to improve an existing product for the office. Cut several.

Week 5: High speed invention. Individuals must invent and present a brand new product, including researching the market space and confirming that the invention does not already exist.

Week 6: Advance new inventions. Groups are formed and must choose one of their individual inventions from the previous week to improve.

Week 7: Create a commercial for your initial invention.

And so on… You get the idea. This combination would not only highlight the American inventor’s ideas, but also their skills and teamwork. Yes, there is great value to fully developing an invention, but a professional inventor must be able to work individually or on a team. They must be able to step back from one task to tackle another.

So will there be a season 2? Hard to tell. ABC has a little blurb about casting for next season, but interestingly it links to I wonder if ABC is trying to decouple the American Inventor web content from their network site with the idea of unloading the show on another network. has the following, very tentative announcement regarding auditions for season 2:


If we head out on a second search, we want to make sure you don’t miss out. Sign up now and we’ll contact you when we’re getting ready to hit the road again.

The competition is open individuals or teams of inventors.

The product must be something that can be mass produced and sold in a retail outlet.

You can come with a sketch, a prototype or even just an idea.

Meanwhile all we can do is hope season 2 is more content than recap.

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15 thoughts on “American Inventor – Season 2 Or Not Season 2”

  1. Feed back,
    I hit the wrong button after writing my comments so I am trying again.
    I saw in litature delivered to my home an add for an automibile compartment cooler that was operated by solar energy, and the solar part was the only difference from what the young boy brought to the show.
    It is my personal belief that the show have requirements before any product can be presented as a contender. In this manner not only would it not break the youngsters heart as it did, it would save on production time as well as time that could be spent on other viable inventions. I do believe that this program is a god send to the american inventer but I also think the judges should be from Company’s that have the potential to help the inventer by being connected to the company’s looking for new products. This would take some work but I believe there would be no shortage of inventions to come forth, just as in about every magazine, newspaper etc.. there are ads for inventions. I know how frustrating it is to have a product and not have the ability that the large company’s and corporations have.

  2. Some good thoughts Rod. It would be interesting to see some corporate involvement. I guess my ideal season 2 would be 2/3 American Inventor, 1/3 Apprentice.

    As for Kyle, the youngster at the audition, he should be proud of what he accomplished and the great feedback he got. He’ll have bigger disappointments in his life, and much, much bigger successes.


  3. how can i get on the american inventor show for 20006
    let me know my cell phone number is ###-#### please call me

  4. Edward,

    About getting on the show, you want the site

    About the 20006 season, unless you’ve invented a fountain of youth I think you better just shoot for next year.

    About calling you, well, I’m sure if you keep posting your cell number on public sites someone will call you, but it won’t be me.

  5. Hello all: Please do notify me if there is going to be a round two, it’s time for me to step up to the plate and dazzle you! The next
    American Inventer

  6. Loved the show but I was fustrated over the inventions I saw especially since I have some great ideas that I feel would blow away last seasons group and finalists. I have been pulling my hair out because I have looked into getting my ideas patented but to only come across attornies and companies that just want thousands of dollars and can make no promises. I have a family of six and taking care of them comes first so there is not enuf left to hand over to an attorny. Please let me know about a second season it would be my only chance to present America with a great idea and it would then also help me to launch my other ideas!!!!!! Thanks Allen

  7. I enjoyed last years up until the end, where the win was picked. I think the wrong person was picked. During the entire show the judges stated about selling and marketing and making money and they pick an invention that can’t een fit in a car, doesn’t work except in theory for head on collisions. What about side car impact. You should have picked the right person that would have been anybody but the baby seat guy. I think you felt sorry for him that is why he won.

  8. How in the world does one suppose to know where the next casting is taking place? I’ve signed up on several times and havn;t received a reply. Whats the secret since you been there. Thanks

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