Cube Farm – The Song

Cube FarmFor those who slave away in a cube farm, this song’s for you.

My Cubicle
Lyrics by: Morning Sidekick
Performed by: Jym Britton
Parody on You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

My Cubicle
My cubicle
It’s One of Sixtytwo
It’s small space
In a crowded place
Just a six-by-six foot booth
And I hate it that’s the truth

Thanks to my former cubemate Dee for sending the song to me.

26 thoughts on “Cube Farm – The Song”

  1. I LOVE this song, it’s so funny because I never realy liked the song in the first place and my friend who just got back from matternity leave has just been put in one,I can’t wait to show her

  2. Loved it! Makes me happy I gave all that up to become a Home Office employee! Cubicles drive people to do crazy things!

  3. Considering I sit in a cubicle all day and usually surf the internet, until our computer guru shut us down, this song is very much me!!!

  4. I told friends about this on my blog, and someone said it was Jym Britton – not Matt Wall – who performed it.

    Love the lyrics. 🙂

    Made me almost forget the real song. 😀

  5. What a sad kind of life! Now I realize how happy I am doing my job outside a cubicle. Sorry for all the martyrs!!

  6. After ten years in a cubicle I can finally laugh. I get to leave APC in December. Thanks for the brilliant laugh. Have to learn the words as its so true (apart from the naked part) Being from Ireland its kinda cold 🙂

  7. I received this song after only being at my new job for 4 months. I now play it every Friday at quitting time and we all laugh. You see…we are about the only ones in the building who do not have windows…accounting of course!!!

  8. Jym Britton is my big brother and he did a wonderful job with this song! We are so proud to be able to hear this on the web and we tell all of our friends about it!!

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