Chocolate Cake Shots

This elaborate recipe came to me through Kirsten’s friend Erin a few years ago.

Prepare in a shot glass:

  • 1/2 shot vodka
  • 1/2 shot Frangelico hazelnut liqueur

Slice and have ready:

  • One slice of lemon per shot

Place on a small plate:

  • Two tablespoons of sugar per shot

To take the shot take one slice of lemon, dip both sides of it in the sugar. Now lick the sugar off the lemon (don’t swallow it yet), take the shot, swallow, and bite the lemon slice.

Some people taste the chocolate when they take the shot, others when they bite the lemon, but everyone tastes chocolate cake when they try this. Just make sure you keep the order straight.

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11 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake Shots”

  1. Did not believe this shot when my friend told me about it but it really does taste like chocolate cake. Really don’t know why.

  2. I’ve been looking for an answer to “Why it taste like chocolate” and no one can tell me. Any thoughts?

  3. Damned if I can tell you Patrick. I wonder if it’s partially power of suggestion. It would be fun to give someone one of these shots without telling them the name and see what they say it tastes like.

    Have fun!

  4. I used to make this shot in a bar – there are a couple variations. My favorite was Vanilla Stoli and Frangelico. You can also add a splash of Bacardi 151 for extra “damage”. I rimmed the glass with a lemon and dipped it in sugar with a lemon on the side.
    This was an extreamly popular drink!

  5. You want to use Vanilla Vodka, not just any ol’ vodka. You can subsitute the Frangelico Hazelnut with Hazelnut Schnaaps if you don’t want to spend the $$ on Frangelico.
    Also, there’s a trick to the lemon and sugar. You can do it two ways: either sugar the rim of the shot glass, lick the sugar, shoot the drink, then suck the lemon… or you can dip your lemon in sugar and do the shot then suck the sugar off the lemon. Either way is a wonderful experience!

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