Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 Need to know how much space a directory and its contents are taking up on your UNIX system? Here’s what I use:

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 du -ks directory

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 The du command is used to summarize disk usage. Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 Without any flags will show you the usage in blocks for every directory and subdirectory specified. Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 Since the number of blocks varies by operating system we add the -k option to specify that we want the output in kilobytes. Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 In many operating systems you could also use -h for a “human-readable” output with abbreviations like B for bytes, cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 K for kilobytes, cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 M for megabytes and so on.

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 The -s option lets us gather only the sum of the directory specified. Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 Without the -s flag we would get output on every subdirectory as well as the specified directory.

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 $ du -k stuff
408560 stuff/patch
104 stuff/scripts
408688 stuff

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 One other thing that is useful for finding the biggest files and directories where there are a lot to sift through is to use a wildcard to size up multiple directories, cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 then pipe the output of du to the sort command like this:

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 $ du -ks ./* | sort -n
0 ./sdtvolcheck727
8 ./mpztaWqc
8 ./speckeysd.lock
304 ./dtdbcache_:0
408688 ./stuff

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 With sort we use the -n option to order things by arithmetic value rather than alphabetic value (making 8 come before 304) so we see the largest things at the bottom.

Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 Try it out. Cefaclor 500mg pills $328.00 As always check the man pages for more info.

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