W3Schools.com WTF?

Inspired by the Oracle WTF blog I have my own WTF today.

www.w3schools.com has some outstanding tutorials on HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, and many many more. So why does such a tech savvy site require that you type www before it’s domain name to get to their server?

Go ahead, try going to http://w3schools.com. Depending on your browser the error may vary, but you sure won’t get a site.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with DNS and domain name resolution, trust me, it would just take one additional line in their domain resolution table to make it work both ways. Really W3Schools… WTF?

Update: W3Schools has now set up a redirect for http://w3schools.com. Not sure if this story had anything to do with it, but thanks!

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3 thoughts on “W3Schools.com WTF?”

  1. Yay! Thanks for pointing that out Sean.

    In truth I would have have emailed their administrator about it but I couldn’t find contact info on their site. Oh well… this works too.

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