Kopi Luwak Coffee – Try It Again for the Second Time

AnimalCoffee LuwakAnother cup of poop please…

Well, the coffee has been ground and is just about done brewing. Soon it will be ready to be consumed… again.

Yup, that’s right. This coffee’s already been eaten by a cute little critter called the luwak. For more detail on that, check out my article The Straight Poop on Kopi Luwak

AnimalCoffee.com specializes in this rarest of all coffee and was nice enough to send me a sample since I’d never tried it.

The out-of-the-box experience on this coffee is unbelievable. It shipped from Indonesia packed in bubble wrap, cardboard, then paper. The entire package (as pictured here, click on the thumb for a larger image) comes in a sharp looking wooden box with a Luwak Coffee plaque, a lucite paperweight, a card describing the Luwak Coffee process, and a package of the coffee. The whole experience tells me I’m about to try something very exclusive.

The smell of the bean was earthier than other coffees. There’s a complexity to it which I hope is an indication of how it will taste in the cup.

Well, the coffee is brewed and it’s tasting time. I’m trying it with half-and-half and sugar. The flavor is strong and complex, but without the bitterness usually associated with coffees that are this rich. There is a pleasant earthy flavor I cannot quite place. I can honestly say it stands apart from every other coffee I’ve ever had.

The bouquet has a lot to do with the flavor of this coffee. While I’m at a loss to describe it, it is very plesant and quite unusual. I’m trying it black now, and even in the absence of sugar there is not even a hint of bitterness.

The aftertaste dissipates quickly much like a pure Hawaiian Kona. It’s a smooth finish with a slight nuttiness to it. The perfect finish to the perfect cup. Both with cream and sugar, as well as black this is an outstanding cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best, most unique coffees I’ve ever had. If you or someone you know are the type of person who seeks out the best coffee in town, have tried dozens of mail-order coffees and are always on the lookout for something unique, AnimalCoffee.com has just the treat for you.

With the steep price this will no doubt remain a rare treat, but with gift boxes starting at $20 this is the ultimate coffee gift. With a great presentation, outstanding flavor, and bragging rights for trying the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world it’s the perfect gift for the coffee connoisseur.

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29 thoughts on “Kopi Luwak Coffee – Try It Again for the Second Time”

  1. Drink it slowly! Kopi Luwak has a full body that adds a special dimension to the experience. If you drink it slowly, it’s like an internal massage. The slower you drink it, the better it is, and the sensation accumulates with each tiny sip. A person could drink a cup too quickly, and wonder what all the fuss was about.

  2. While I agree that Kopi Luwak is an excellent coffee, a much cheaper and more readily available blend is the Harvest Grove Cinchona from The Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas. This coffe is amazingly smooth and has a rich, nutty flavor follow by a smooth earthy aftertone that lingers pleasantly on the palate. I heartily recommend this blend to anyone that wishes to find a more readily available blend than Kopi Luwak. At $19.95 for 12 ounces, this is a great deal on an amazing coffee. Go to http://www.collinstreet.com/ and click on the Harvest Grove link in the lower left corner to find this wonderful blend!!

  3. My wife is the personnel director for a small Baptist university and a student that works for her is from Indonesia. As she was graduating she gave her a small package of this coffee as a gift.
    At first we decided to just display the case and the coffee, but then on a boring Saturday night we decided to try it. We were both pleasantly surprised at the rich, earthy flavor! It is the best coffee I have ever tasted. We have ordered more and are trying to talk some friends into trying it.

  4. I would like to offer you the original beans of kopi luwak that collected from our coffee plantations in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Kopi Luwak that I offering to you is still in Green Beans $70.00 per 1 kilo (2 pounds), the price above is not included the delivery cost to your country. If you interested with my offer, you can contact me at koswarasumaamijaya@gmail.com

  5. I have been wanting to try luwak for a few years, but being not exactly rich the $1000 us dollars per kilo was a bit steep. then my lovely ex bought me some for xmas this year…. you know how normally when you have been waiting to try something for ages and then you finally do its normally a let down, well not this stuff. the flavour and smoothness are simply delectable. When i first got it i mentioned it to friends over a game of poker, this was before i had tried it as my grinder was broken and their reactions varied from ‘ew’ through ‘yuk’ to ‘you are bloody kidding, right?’ so far i have fed 3 of them luwak, and everyone of them loved it. so, on closing… ‘all hail the mighty luwak!!!!’

  6. I just want a second life promo code to use to either help someone else or myself….wtf does this site have to do with that? shame.

  7. “I just want a second life promo code to use to either help someone else or myself….wtf does this site have to do with that? shame.”

    Right on spot!

  8. umm i just wanted to say i think the whole poop coffe thing is pretty GROSS! eww who’d want to drink something that came out of an animals ass and pay top money for it! i’d have to BE paid do drink that stuff.

  9. With such detailed negative reviews of this stuff elsewhere, I must distrust the positive ones a bit. Anyone who puts HALF & HALF and SUGAR their -first- cup -ever- of such an unusual and expensive coffee, is not someone I consider to be a real coffee drinker, (Would you pour coke over a shot of a small-batch single-malt scotch?), and is not to be trusted.

  10. As far as the poop thing is concerned, we’d all need to re-think this: Between fertilizer, run-off from pig farms into produce, mystery meat hot dogs, questionable ethics in meat grinding, and the FDA allowable amounts of feces in prepared foods, we all have more than a passing relationship with the excretions of animals. Every once in a while the toxic load gets a little too high, and we call it food poisoning.

  11. Well, I never heard of this until I watched the movie, “The Bucket List”. Never in my wildest dreams. I love cats and so why not…the cats make the best coffee, so it seems. Can’t afford to try it. I’m a tea drinker. I like what Mark said about how we are probably eating these animal excretions anyways. God created all creatures great and small for us to enjoy!

  12. Well, after seeing the movie, “The Bucket List” I just had to go online and check this out. So it is true! Wow! Morgan Freeman made me laugh right along with him! Think I’ll stick with my tea.

  13. HI all! Yes We have just ordered a pound of Kopi Luwak from animalcoffee.com and will report on it when it arrives. My expectations are high seeing it costs so much. I read that there are many cheats out there selling the fake product too. Check ebay for some fakes I think…the price is way cheaper than the animalcoffee.com site.

  14. Luke,

    Hope you enjoy the coffee! It’s a unique experience and the AnimalCoffee folks do a nice packaging of the product.

    Feel free to leave another comment once you have tried it! I’d love to hear what you think of it.

  15. Hi all! Back again to comment on animalcoffee.com’s kopi luwak. Delivery from Indonesia took only 6 days , which is great! The aroma of the beans is truly incredible when ground…never smelt anything this rich before. The flavour is amazingly good drunk black with sugar. I read where you shouldnt espresso the coffee but plunger it to get the best out of the bean, which I did. I’m impressed with this coffee! Your tastes bud just tell you this is no ordinary brew…there is a richness of flavour that just lingers in one’s mind long after the cup’s been drunk. I plungered my regular brand afterwards to compare and really there is no comparison…the bitterness just doesnt exist in the kopi like it does in my regular brand. Nice work Troy Davis! I will buy again when my pound of heaven is used up. 🙂

  16. Nice one!umm i just wanted to say i think the whole poop coffe thing is pretty GROSS! eww who’d want to drink something that came out of an animals ass and pay top money for it! i’d have to BE paid do drink that stuff.So thanks for the very interesting reviews!

  17. emmm talkin about luwak coffee , well got my attention on that. I own coffee plantation at north sumatra ( siborong-borong , i think starbucks release this origin last year). I currently have luwak coffee green bean origin from siborong-borong and Aceh Gayo right now , i collected after the last month harvest periode. You can drop me an email if you are really interest or want to see the pics.


    i just want to make a good biz relationship 🙂

    ciao !

  18. I tried this (in Queensland Australia) and I didn’t really like it. Or maybe it was just that I couldn’t get the thought of “poo coffee” out of my mind. I love a good coffee, but I think my brain was thinking too much on this one.

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