EditPlus for SQL Editing and More

EditPlus in actionWhile there are many text editors out there offering a broad set of features my favorite right now is EditPlus.

EditPlus is a Windows shareware application designed for text, HTML, Java, PHP, etc. It’s very thin requiring little (nearly no) load time and has many great features such as:

  • Syntax hilighting for many languages
  • EditPlus on Windows right-click
  • FTP and SFTP integration
  • Templates
  • Line Numbering
  • Column Selection
  • Optional Spell Checker

The list of features is long and every revision brings more. Check out the Features page for more.

I’ve been using the Oracle 9iR2 syntax file from the user files section of EditPlus.com and it seems to pick up all the SQL and PL/SQL syntax I use, although many other syntax files exist and you could always make your own.

As mentioned above, EditPlus is shareware. A single user license is only $30, and with discounts for buying in bulk there is no reason not to pay, but for now, download it, try it, and see why you can’t live without it.

Thanks to Zach for showing this to me a couple years ago.

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6 thoughts on “EditPlus for SQL Editing and More”

  1. Have been using EditPlus for 6 years now. I have been loking around all this time for a -possibly- better software, and never found one. It’s so easy to load, offers so many good tools. I.m using it to build major project in PHP or HTML, SQL, PERL, etc.. A wonderfull tool.

  2. Give me good stuff about PLSQL programming in the next blog ,it will help me to finish my project and give me the latest technologies .


  3. I’m totally dependent on it – it loads fast, brilliant editor and the tabbed screen makes multiple file working very easy.
    Most valuable feature for me is being able to pull up massive log files from Unix servers via FTP, with no worry over file sizes. It’s even easier to use than vi!!!

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