Has anyone else noticed?

Mmmmm... Spam.Has anyone else noticed that if you’re looking at your Spam folder in Gmail there is a link at the top for a Spam recipe?

Google typically places a web clip from a popular news site at the top of the mail view, but in the Spam folder you’ll get a random Spam recipe from RecipeSource.com.

Yup, Spam. Not gag recipes either! Legitimate recipes for things like Spam Breakfast Burritos, French Fry Spam Casserole, and even Spam Primavera.

So if you’re sitting around wondering how you should prepare that Spam you bought for dinner, remember Gmail has the answer.

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2 thoughts on “Has anyone else noticed?”

  1. Yes, I’d noticed. It amused me greatly, and struck me as typical of Google. And also, incidentally, of the makers of Spam, who have reportedly been very good-natured about the fact that their product name is now used to refer to the most hated aspect of modern e-mail… 🙂

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