SQL: Find the Week Number in a Month

OracleAjama commented on my article Oracle Question and Answer Site asking how to write a SQL function to return the calendar week in a month.

Basically if your week starts on a Sunday, anything leading up to the first Sunday would be week 1, then the first complete week, Sunday through Saturday would be week 2, then week 3, etc. If the month happens to start on a Sunday week 1 would be a complete week.

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Starting simple I worked out how to find the first day of the month. The TRUNC function will allow you to truncate a date to a certain precision, so I started by truncating the date to the month. Today is February 1, so since we’re using sysdate for some testing we coincidentally get back February 1.

SQL> select trunc(sysdate, 'MM') from dual;


Now we have a starting point. From here I used the NEXT_DAY function to find the beginning of the first week of the month. This is found by looking at the first of the month and the 6 days leading up to it. Since next_day excludes the day it is calculating from we subtract 7 for the start date.

SQL > select next_day(trunc(sysdate, 'MM') - 7, 'Sunday') from dual;


Now we have established the beginning of the first week in the month. The first week starts at the end of the previous month as it is only partially in February. With this date in mind we can now calculate how many days we are from then:

SQL> select sysdate - next_day(trunc(sysdate, 'MM') - 7, 'Sunday') from dual;


This tells us we are 3.559 days from the beginning of the first week in the month. To express that in weeks we simply divide by 7.

SQL> select (sysdate - next_day(trunc(sysdate, 'MM') - 7, 'Sunday'))/7 from dual;


This tells us that we are about .5 weeks from that first Sunday. We don’t care about the fractional part so we can use the other form of the TRUNC function to to truncate this to a whole number. That would put us in the 0th week of the month, but since we want to start counting at 1 we add 1 to the number.

SQL> select trunc(((sysdate - next_day(trunc(sysdate, 'MM') - 7, 'Sunday'))/7),0) + 1
from dual;


This tells us accurately that right now we’re in the first week of the month. Now we want to try this logic out with some other dates. It’s easiest to do that if we just create a function for it.

(check_date DATE DEFAULT sysdate, week_start CHAR DEFAULT 'Sunday')
RETURN number
week_number NUMBER;
select trunc(((check_date - next_day(trunc(check_date, 'MM') - 7, week_start))/7),0) + 1 into week_number from dual;
RETURN week_number;

Here I’ve created a function week_in_month to execute this SQL with two parameters. The first, check_date can be any Oracle date. The second parameter, week_start is the day that your week starts. This must be spelled out, like ‘Sunday’, ‘Monday’, etc. The function will return the week number from start of month.

If the check_date is not specified, the current date and time will be used. If the week_start is not specified we’ll default to Sunday.

Now let’s try our function without parameters.

SQL> select week_in_month from dual;


The function correctly identifies that we’re in week 1 of the month by our original definition. Now we’ll look at a few other examples. Remember, where we have not specified a starting day our function will assume Sunday.

SQL> select week_in_month(to_date('01/29/06','MM/DD/YY')) from dual;


Here we see that 1/29/06 was in the 5th week of January.

SQL> select week_in_month(to_date('02/06/06','MM/DD/YY')) from dual;


This shows that February 6 will be in the second week in February.

SQL> select week_in_month(to_date('02/06/06','MM/DD/YY'), 'Wednesday') from dual;


Here we have specified that our week starts on Wednesday, and based on that February 6th will be in the first week in February.

SQL> select week_in_month(to_date('04/30/06','MM/DD/YY')) from dual;


This is a somewhat rare instance, and it may look like there’s a problem with the logic, but because of how April of 2006 falls, the 30th would actually be in the 6th week of the month based on our criteria.

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15 thoughts on “SQL: Find the Week Number in a Month”

  1. Jon,

    Just wanted to tell you that this code worked GREAT and it saved me a ton of time. This was exactly what my user wanted! I created an Oracle function and called it from Informatic.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Jon,

    Your query works fine for a single date.
    If a range of dates say between 15-Jan 2006 and 21-May-2006 I want to find out which are the days with Mondays.
    how can i achieve this?


  3. Sanjay,

    I don’t quite understand what you’re looking for. Are you trying to find every Monday between these dates? If so you will probably need to parse over the range with a PL/SQL loop.

    Does that make sense?

  4. I am trying to find 2nd sunday in March for DST change of 2007. For some reason for the year 2009 I did not get an accurate 2nd Sunday using next_day function. Help please!

  5. Sorry for my delayed response. I’m not sure if you’ve found out the issue with this, but since March 2009 starts on a Sunday the next_day function will move forward from that and skip the day provided.

    Try subtracting one day from the date before applying the next_day function will assure you that you always include the date provided as one of the days indicated.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi,

    This is Shiva here. I have completed my B.E.(ECE) in 2004. For the past 2 years, I was working in a BPO. But now I have changed my mind set and tyring to do Oracle Applications.

    So my question now is whether SAP is best or Oracle Applications is best. Please give me a solution please, as I don’t have time, because the course is going to start.

    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Hi All!

    This is Shiva here. I don’t have knowledge on both Oracle D2K and PL/SQL. I am blank.

    My Question is that is it possible to complete Oracle D2k and PL/SQL within a month and shall i able to complete the OCA exam successfully?

    Because, I need to get the OCA certification with in a month.

    Please solve my doubts and queries..

    Thanks and Regards,

  8. Hi,
    pls do the help for me.. thanks in advance..

    assume that the input parameter date is “23-sep-2011”

    i want to retrieve the one week data from the table

    i.e the previous sunday date is 18-sep-2011. (sunday)
    the next saturday date is 24-sep-2011.(saturday)

    ultimately i want 1 week data.. the week starts from sunday and ends at Saturday..

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