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OracleIn no particular order, here are some of the other folks blogging good stuff about Oracle. Most are more up on current topics than I am since I mostly write how-to stuff so I can find it when I need it. – Mark Rittman’s Oracle Weblog is a fantastic resource with a focus on data warehousing and business intelligence. One of the best sites by an individual. – Pete Finnigan has a lot of security related info. A great resource! – While Ask Tom is not really a blog, there is a wealth of information here on most Oracle topics. – Doug has a bit more casual site and, like me, talks about tech and non-tech topics. – Not a frequent poster, but some great nuts-and-bolts SQL and PL/SQL stuff. – Another blog with a potpouri of Oracle topics. – The Tom Kyte Blog. Tom works for Oracle (see above) and some of his Oracle stuff and peripheral interests and opinions spill over into here.

More are out there. Feel free to comment with your favorites and also check out some of my favorite Oracle web resources

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