Viagra recipe paperweightThis seems to be a popular topic lately, viagra recipe and while I have written about this in greater detail in my story The Straight Poop on Kopi Luwak Coffee a couple new sites have come to my attention since then to warrant a re-visit.

Viagra recipe Most notable is which hosts some of the only images I’ve seen of the Luwak, viagra recipe the Indonesian animal which eats raw coffee cherries and excretes undigested coffee beans in its droppings.

Viagra recipe They also have the only pictures I’ve ever seen of the droppings before processing. Viagra recipe They sell attractively packaged Kopi Luwak coffee gift boxed with your very own luwak dropping. Viagra recipe Check out their souvenir page for a very attractive paperweight.

Viagra recipe Also of interest is this article from which validates much of what I have written in the past.

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