Cheap less viagra palm_civetAll about this infamous coffee and the cat-like creature that makes it possible.

Cheap less viagra Years ago I heard a rumor of a rare coffee that was collected from the droppings of a wild animal. Cheap less viagra For quite a while, cheap less viagra having nothing to substantiate this I had dismissed this as either an urban legend, cheap less viagra or something so rare I was unlikely to ever have access to it.

Cheap less viagra Well thanks to the coffee explosion this rare and unusual blend is readily available, cheap less viagra though still very expensive. Cheap less viagra My interest in this was rekindled when I noticed Armeno Coffee Roasters, cheap less viagra my favorite source for fine coffee is now carrying Kopi Luwak Coffee.

Cheap less viagra So what exactly is it? The Indonesian word “kopi” translates directly to coffee. Cheap less viagra The word Luwak refers to a small wild animal native to Indonesia and Vietnam.

Cheap less viagra So you know what coffee is… what’s this luwak critter? Known as the luwak, cheap less viagra luak, cheap less viagra musang, cheap less viagra toddy cat, cheap less viagra civet, cheap less viagra palm civet and civet-cat, cheap less viagra many people believe it is a wild cat. Cheap less viagra While it is a mammal it is actually a cousin of the mongoose. Cheap less viagra Probably it’s closest North American counterpart is the skunk with which it shares the ability to excrete a noxious odor from scent glands near it’s anus. Cheap less viagra has some wonderful information on this animal.

Cheap less viagra The animal can range from four to eleven pounds and is largely nocturnal. Cheap less viagra While it is an omnivore, cheap less viagra the luwak is particularly fond of perfectly ripe coffee cherries. Cheap less viagra Thanks to coffee farmers, cheap less viagra the luwak has no troubles finding plenty of coffee.

Cheap less viagra Once eaten, cheap less viagra the coffee cherries take the normal route through the animal’s digestive path. Cheap less viagra The amazing thing is while the fruit of the coffee is being digested, cheap less viagra the bean is left largely unchanged, cheap less viagra eventually passing in the animals droppings.

Cheap less viagra The droppings and their caffeine-laden content are collected by farmers. Cheap less viagra The coffee is then cleaned and the green, cheap less viagra un-roasted bean shipped to roasters.

Cheap less viagra Why would you want to drink this shitty coffee? There are a lot of theories on why kopi luwak is different. Cheap less viagra Research has determined that coffee passed by a luwak has been changed chemically. Cheap less viagra Specifically the process seems to break down some of the bean’s proteins which are known to contribute to the bitterness of coffee.

Cheap less viagra So research from the University of Guelph in Canada, cheap less viagra reported here, cheap less viagra and further detailed in this article confirms the coffee’s chemical makeup is altered by it’s special little journey, cheap less viagra I think it also important to consider the luwak’s own affinity for fine coffee.

Cheap less viagra When coffee, cheap less viagra like other fruit, cheap less viagra is harvested, cheap less viagra not all the fruit will be perfectly ripe. Cheap less viagra Since the majority is ripe and it is to be combined for use, cheap less viagra the end product comes out well; however, cheap less viagra if you have an animal which naturally selecting only the ripest fruit you will end up with a product of unparalleled quality.

Cheap less viagra Is it safe? While many are understandably skeptical of eating anything that has already been through the gastro-intestinal track of another, cheap less viagra research shows that due to the thorough washing, cheap less viagra the luwak coffee may even have a lower bacteria level than other coffees. Cheap less viagra Certainly whatever the washing process misses the roasting process will make up for.

Cheap less viagra While I cannot say I have tried this rarest of all coffees, cheap less viagra it is on my to-do list. Cheap less viagra Thankfully Armeno Coffee Roasters offers it in a four ounce sampler for a mere $30. Cheap less viagra Expect a detailed report here once the taste test is in.

Cheap less viagra An update: Thanks to Troy at I have now tried Kopi Luwak. Cheap less viagra Read my full review here.

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