Cialis generic Cube FarmAnother common term heard around the office is “Cube Farm”. Cialis generic A cube farm is not necessarily a terrible thing, cialis generic but they need to be planned properly.

Cialis generic Definition: An office filled with cubicles. Cialis generic This really boils down to a room full of people at desks with little more than a smattering of upholstery between them. Cialis generic Cubicles are typically composed of fabric, cialis generic metal and press-board. Cialis generic Cubicles vary from the full six foot walls on three and a half sides, cialis generic down to a scant four foot tall partition simply separating you from the next person, cialis generic if only from the waist down.

Cialis generic When do cube farms work?
In my experience there are two key factors which make cube farms viable, cialis generic and yes, cialis generic even beneficial. Cialis generic First, cialis generic the people within a close proximity are doing very similar tasks. Cialis generic A group of support technicians in a cube farm can generally feed off each other’s knowledge and offer a high quality of support.

Cialis generic The second factor that often plays into cube farm success is that traffic (both walk-in and phone) from outside people is kept to a minimum. Cialis generic Support is the exception to this, cialis generic however a software developer in a cube farm with support people will be constantly distracted by the support chatter and walk in questions.

Cialis generic To be effective cubes must be planned around the teams and workers they are meant to be occupied by. Cialis generic Cubes put up with little planning just to create a place for employees to work rarely if ever benefit their residents.

Cialis generic When do cube farms fail?
As mentioned above, cialis generic cube farms often fail due to lack of planning. Cialis generic I am currently working in a cube farm where four different people serve three different functions, cialis generic all in about 200 square feet.

Cialis generic Another key factor is the height and coverage of the cube. Cialis generic A six foot tall cube wall which completely blocks direct view of coworkers is best. Cialis generic This typically means cubes are almost completely enclosed with just enough space to enter and exit. Cialis generic Cubes with short walls that allow you to see others over them are generally ineffective, cialis generic and having only one or two walls is not much better than having none.

Cialis generic The two biggest wastes of time in the office are visible distractions and audible distractions. Cialis generic Good cube farms with high walls, cialis generic workers who spend a minimum of time on the phone, cialis generic and in an area where foot traffic is minimal can work out very well. Cialis generic Cube farms which are small, cialis generic poorly laid out, cialis generic and with no consideration given to the function of the occupants will result in lost productivity, cialis generic irritability and personal conflicts.

Cialis generic For more information on cube farms check out’s article on the topic.

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