Low Chicago

Low Chicago is a split-pot variation on Seven Card Stud. I have Max Levine to thank for introducing me to this, as well as it’s variations.

The split pot is good with a lot of players as it provides the chance for two players to win and split the pot.

3 to 10 players. Use a double deck for more than 7 players.

Special Rules: Low Chicago is dealt like seven card stud where the winner gets half the pot; the other half of the pot goes to the player with the lowest ranking spade in the hole (face-down). The two of spades is the lowest ranking spade as aces are considered high.

How to play: Each player antes. The dealer deals two cards down and one up to each player. There is then a betting round starting with the player with the highest face up card.

The dealer deals three more face up cards and one more face down to each player with a betting round between each deal. Betting always begins with the highest face up hand.

After the final round of betting players make their best five card hand out of their seven cards. Each player reveals their hand and any low spade they had face down. Players do not need to use the spade in their hand in order to win low spade.

The player with the highest hand gets half the pot and the player with the lowest face down spade gets the other half. If no players have a face down spade, the high hand gets the entire pot. If the person with the high hand also has the lowest spade in the hole, they win the entire pot.

Variations: High Chicago – plays the same way except the highest spade in the hole gets half the pot.
Low San Francisco – High hand and lowest heart in the hole split the pot.
Low Los Angeles – High hand and lowest club in the hole split the pot.
Low Arkansas – High hand and lowest diamond in the hole split the pot.

Thanks Max!

Hints: Keep an eye on what cards you see face up. If the two of spades appears face up, the three is the lowest card a player could have face down. Don’t forget to check those face down cards!

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