This is a variation of seven card stud. It adds a wild card or two, but be careful, one of the wilds can change!

3 to 10 players. Use a double deck for more than 7 players.

How to play:

Special rules: All queens are wild. If a queen is dealt face up, the next face up card dealt (which will be to the next player) and all other cards of it’s value are wild. If another queen is dealt face up later in the game, the previous wild card is no longer wild and the next face up card will become wild. If the last card dealt face up is a queen, then no other cards are wild.

The deal and betting are exactly like seven card stud. Two cards down to each player then on card up. Any time a queen is dealt face up, the next face up card is wild and should be placed above the players hand to imply it is wild. Queens are always wild.

After the initial deal there is a betting round starting with the player with the highest card, and then three more rounds of face up cards and one face down with a betting round after each. Each time a queen appears, any old wild card is no longer wild, only queens and the following face up card is wild.

After the final betting round players make their best five card poker hand. Highest hand wins the pot.

Hint: Don’t count your chickens ’till they’ve hatched. Queens are safe, but the other wild can change as long as there are more face up cards to be dealt.

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