Make Vol 1: Final Thoughts

Make: Vol 1I finally finished Make: Technology on Your Time, Volume 1 and I must say I am more excited about the magazine than ever. Chock full of projects like “5-in-1 Network Cable” and “How to Make a Magnetic Card Reader” I can see that, though I’ve read every word between these covers, the fun is not nearly over.

Articles about heirloom technology and backyard monorails and other crazy stuff that I can’t believe I didn’t know about already round out the magazine.

There are three impressions I would like to share about this issue. One is am astounded at the consistent quality of the articles. As I delve into issue two and three I can only hope they can maintain the quality of content. I’ll let you know.

Second, I am pleased at the level of advertising. The magazine reads more like a scholarly journal than a trendy tech magazine. There are ads, but they are few and far between, and never did I feel I was distracted from an article by them.

Finally, I was surprised to see so much reference to Macintosh and Mac OS X. Without inciting a platform war the writers have included a lot of information pertaining to OS X. Being a long-time Mac user (now cruelly forced to work on a PC by the evil overlords of… oh wait a minute, getting off topic) I was glad to see the Mac being treated as an equal, if not preferred platform.

So I’m digging straight into Volume 2 and I’ll report back more as I get through. In the meantime I am starting to gather the parts for my home-built mag-stripe reader. For more about why I just had to have this magazine, check out my original article on Make. For anyone who is still just considering buying Make, just one word. Yes.

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