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Below are some of my favorite Oracle related web resources. Most have information on databases and Oracle Application Server. There are, of course, countless sites out there on the topic. These are just a few of the ones I prefer. – This quick URL gives you direct access to the current Oracle documentation (with a free OTN account.) It’s a good quick back-door way into the oracle docs. – I don’t know the whole story on this guy, but he seems to work for (or closely with) Oracle answering user submitted questions. There are thousands of questions and answers on all things Oracle. – Oracle’s Technology Network is the official source for tech news from Oracle. It is to the techies what is to the business folks. – More Oracle question and answer listings. Also a very useful and comprehensive glossary. – Mark Rittman’s Oracle Weblog is a fantastic resource with a focus on data warehousing and business intelligence. One of the best sites by an individual.

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  1. One that I find extremely useful is Its members are fairly responsive when it comes to answering questions and it has been around a while so has a pretty good database of answers (using the search function for the message board).

    The cool thing about it is that it features a number of databases (Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, etc) plus a bunch programming languages and applications.

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